Solutions for your architectural projects

VIZUALDK offers premium services in fields such as architecure, planning and preparation of construction projects, management of such projects, 3D scan of architectural objects and visualizations of exteiors and interios. We secure the smoothness of the whole realization process, which includes many steps from the primary consultation of the investment goal, architectural management and visualization all the way to the building permit.


Architectural services

Primary step in the process of realization of a construction project is an architectural analysis, which is aimed mostly towards spatial arrangement and visual side of the architectural object. After investor's approval, documentation and 3D visualization follows. Upon the project's delivery, the client is informed about the specifics of required processes that are a necessity in cases of complicated bespoke projects.


3D Scan

Gather the data in the fastest and most effective way. Whether it is scanning the parameters of an architectural object or creating 360° photo with the intention of making a 3D interior view. The precision is made possible by laser technology working on the principles of wireless, coordinate measurement. Output of the measuring process is a agglomerate of points in 3D space out of which the visualization is made.



Realization of the investment goal consists of many partial goals such as getting the building permit, certificate of occupancy or a permission to demolish the building. The services we offer are about alleviating the trouble of client's need to personally attend to appropriate bureau for each given step. We are going to save your time by doing it for you, plus it is going to be much faster, as we have done it hundreds of times before. It is all about maximizing the efficiency and saving your time.


Project management

We also offer complex management of construcion projects in all the phases of your investment goal. Clients who use such services are often building new or reconstructing old architectural objects, or perhaps they are in need of maximizing the efficiency of project management. VIZUALDK takes care of all the actions associated with construction project management from the initial consultations and analyses, to getting all the permits needed, all the way to the audits of projects.


Architectural scanninng - Interior and exterior visualization




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